Well Pumps and Fluctuating Water Pressure: A “Small” Problem That Gets Very Expensive Very Quickly

Well Pumps and Fluctuating Water Pressure: A “Small” Problem That Gets Very Expensive Very Quickly

Have you ever been taking a shower, and suddenly the water pressure decreases so much that you struggle to wash off the soap?

If you get your water from a well, you probably recognize this problem! Many well water pumps cause fluctuating water pressure.

New Light Electrical & Plumbing Services can help! We are a plumbing company in Raleigh and the greater Triangle area, providing our services as a plumbing and electric company in Wake Forest and Cary as well.

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Since well pumps are both electrical and plumbing devices, they are exactly our area of expertise as licensed Raleigh electricians and plumbers.

How Well Pumps Work

Well pumps are exactly what they sound like: they pump water from a well into a storage tank, which the pipes in your house access when you need water.

Well pumps work by using an electric motor to drive an impeller or centrifugal pump, which draws water out of the well and into the pressure tank.

As the water goes into the pressure tank, the tank’s air pressure goes up until it reaches a specific level, usually between 40 and 60 psi. 

When you use water in your house, the air pressure in the tank decreases, and when it drops to 40 psi, the pump will turn back on.

These pre-set pressure levels often result in water pressure fluctuation, which is exacerbated when you have multiple appliances with heavy water usage running, such as your dishwasher, washing machine, or sprinklers.

Water Pressure Solutions

Low water pressure can be annoying, but it can also cause bigger much more expensive problems.

Some good ways to regulate water pressure in a good system include:

  • Avoiding the use of multiple appliances that use a lot of water at one time
  • Installing a constant pressure system 
  • Using automatic backwash filters and water softeners

You will want to consult Raleigh electricians and plumbers before installing anything to improve your water pressure, and if your water pressure doesn’t improve, you DEFINITELY need to call a plumber like New Light.

Fluctuating water pressure can be due to more than just your well pump’s natural pressure cycle. Some more serious causes include:

  • Old, deteriorated wells
  • Pump motors overheating or having a faulty thermal sensor switch
  • Problems with the pressure switch
  • Low pressure in the storage tank
  • A burst pipe
  • Air trapped in the pipes
  • Clogged pipes, gate valves, pressure regulators, faucets, or filter cartridges

All of these issues, if left unchecked, can quickly become much more expensive than the cost of calling in a professional plumber early. You don’t want a burst pipe flooding your home!

New Light: Your Best Raleigh Plumbing Company

Whether you are looking to assess your water pressure or have any other needs for a plumber or electrician in Raleigh to address, New Light Electrical & Plumbing Services is your number one choice!

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For non-emergency situations, our licensed Raleigh electricians and plumbers follow this simple but effective process:

  • Initial Concept: Getting a full understanding of the issue and your specific needs
  • Schedule: Finding a convenient time to come fix the problem
  • On the Job: Completing the work efficiently
  • Follow Up: Checking in to make sure that the job is done to your satisfaction

All of our employees are paid hourly, not incentive-driven, so you can rest assured that even if we are handling your water pressure, we will never pressure you into anything you don’t need!

If you need a plumber or electrician in Raleigh, NC, Rolesville, Youngsville, or Wake Forest, the electric company you need is New Light! Contact us today!