The Must-Know Warning Signs of Electrical Fires

The Must-Know Warning Signs of Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are one of the most formidable dangers facing homeowners. In the US, there are over 50,000 electrical fires per year, accounting for more than $1.3 billion in property damage, 1,400 injuries, and 500 deaths.

With such serious consequences, it’s important to take active precautions against electrical fires. Fortunately, they are extremely preventable!

With a trusted electric service provider like New Light Electrical & Plumbing Services, you can protect your home.

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The Warning Signs of Electrical Fires

Most electrical fires don’t happen spontaneously. There are often warning signs that you will notice in the days or weeks leading up to a potential fire.

The most common warning signs of an electrical fire are:

  • Your circuit breaker keeps tripping, or your fuses keep blowing.

A tripped circuit breaker either indicates an overloaded circuit, short circuit, or broken circuit. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, don’t keep resetting it. Eventually, it will stop tripping and overheating.

  • You notice a burning smell but can’t find the source.

Burning smells with no apparent cause are often due to a loose connection, old wiring, or a short circuit.

  • Your outlets are discolored.

If it looks like your outlet has been burnt, it probably has! Loose connections or poor wiring can result in a small fire that discolors your outlet, and that same faulty connection could create a larger fire, too.

  • Your lights keep dimming or flickering.

While dimming or flickering lights can be caused by high-power appliances drawing too much energy, such as garbage disposal or HVAC equipment, they can also indicate a fire hazard, especially if no such appliance is running. In any case, persistent dimming or flickering necessitates a visit from a local Raleigh electrician.

  • You notice a buzzing sound.

When electricity is working properly, you shouldn’t hear it. However, bad outlets, loose prongs, and fraying wire can cause the current to jump, which will make a buzzing sound.

  • Your notice sparking.

If your breaker panel, fuse box, or outlet is sparking, contact an electric service provider. If your appliance is sparking, it is more likely a problem with the appliance than your electrical, so unplug it immediately and contact an appliance repair person.

If left unchecked, any of these issues could spark an electrical fire. As soon as you notice these signs, be sure to call a licensed Raleigh electrician like New Light!

We understand that electrical issues can happen at any time, and we provide reliable 24/7 electrical service!

Precautions You Can Take To Avoid Electrical Fires

You can also stop electrical issues before any of the warning signs become evident! Evaluating your residential electrical services with a Raleigh electrician is the best way to prevent electrical fires.

Check to see if:

  • Your house has outdated wiring
  • You use too many extension cords
  • Your outlets become hot to the touch
  • You have the proper, shock-resistant outlets installed in your kitchen and bathroom (known as outlet Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt)

A licensed Raleigh electrician will be able to answer your questions and help you find solutions for any electrical issues they notice.

Prevent Electrical Fires with New Light

New Light’s fully licensed staff of electricians in Raleigh, NC are here to make your home safe–and let your light shine!

In addition to responding to electrical emergencies at any time of day or night, we offer:

  • Electrical repairs
  • Electrical rewiring
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Custom light fixture installation
  • Floor and wall outlet installation
  • Outlet Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)
  • Minor drywall, painting, and repairs as necessary after electric service

At New Light, your needs come first. That’s why our staff is paid by the hour, rather than incentive-driven. We will never upsell you on things you don’t need!

Contact us today to make sure all of your wirings are up-to-date and keep your home safe from electrical fires!